PEG-HA fillers


Neauvia’s PEG-HA dermal fillers are based on a unique SMART CROSSLINKING TECHNOLOGY – SXT – which is an innovative and advanced technology that combines HYALURONIC ACID and PEG.

PEG is a well-known polymer in the pharmaceutical market, due to its versatility and safety profile. 1, 2

Neauvia R&D designed monophasic and cohesive hydrogels with distinctive properties and gel consistencies, offering healthcare practitioners the appropriate tools to provide patients with made to measure results.


Every filler in Neauvia’s line has been meticulously engineered to provide a specific rheology for precise treatment of a wide variety of individualized needs.

Thanks to biosafety properties, full biodegradability, biocompatibility and nontoxicity, Neauvia PEG-HA fillers are safe to be used in soft tissue and dermal correction. 3

PEG-HA fillers main features


  • Mechanical properties that mimic those of natural skin tissues 4
  • High viscoelasticity, cohesivity and plasticity 5
  • Immediate results 6
  • Temporary filling decreasing at 6 months 6
  • No pathologic inflammatory reactions* 6
  • Minimum sweeling 6
  • Thermodynamic and thermo-stability properties 7 to allow combined protocols

*None detected so far with the use of Neauvia PEGDE-crosslinked hyaluronic acid devices.

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